WE forge ties between the financial sector and sustainability in business

26 September 2022

“We firmly believe that sustainable use of all resources adds value over the long term. As an insurer, we’re also directly affected by climate events. We have therefore been taking a pioneering lead for years and are keen to encourage and support other companies on the path to a more sustainable future.”

Daniel Gussmann Chief Investment Officer of AXA Switzerland

“The transition to a more sustainable society is one of the greatest challenges of our time. We want to be a part of the solution and drive important change. That’s why we’re supporting investors and companies who want to contribute to a more sustainable economy.”

Mark Haefele Chief Investment Officer, UBS Global Wealth Management

“Climate change is the single biggest challenge we are collectively facing around the world. At ThomasLloyd, we believe investing directly in sustainable real assets in emerging markets through the financing and developing of essential infrastructure helps to address this challenge.”

T.U. Michael Sieg Chairman, Group CEO and Founder of ThomasLloyd


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