Capital alone is not enough. We also need entrepreneurial spirit and courage

Sustainable investment has long since moved beyond being a niche market and has become an important financial trend in recent years. 

The Impact Finance 100 kickes off the annual Impact Finance Forum at the NZZ headquarters in Zurich, where we examine these specific issues in depth.

100 guests meet up for a joint dialogue to connect innovative ideas and be inspired by an impressive network.


thought leaders, designers and opinion leaders in the Swiss financial sector and entrepreneurship

Among the participants are pioneers, designers and decision-makers in the area of impact and sustainable finance, as well as from business and academia. Participation in Impact Finance 100 is exclusive and by invitation only. The event will be conducted in German and English, and no translation will be available.

«Be the change you wish to see»

Our efforts for more sustainability at the Impact Finance 100:

  • Reuse & multi-year use of Expo materials such as illuminated walls.
  • Minimisation of printed materials, multi-year use
  • Predominantly vegetarian, seasonal and regional food offer
  • Strive for inclusion