Impact Finance Forum

In the past few years, the branch of sustainable investing has turned from a niche product to a financial trend. Especially when the myth about profitability diminished, it became more popular. But there is still a lack of knowledge about simple investment options and clear strategies. We want to change that.

With the Impact Finance Forum, we are launching an initiative for Switzerland’s sustainable financial pioneers. The goal of the forum is to support the strategic positioning of a responsible financial centre and thus ensure an important contribution to the future of the next generation.

The initiative starts in the first half of the year with the Impact Finance 100 with 100 guests. With this event, we want to create space for an exchange of views between decision-makers and opinion-leaders.

The Impact Finance Conference takes place in the second half of the year. Around 350 visionaries, creators and specialists meet to engage in constructive dialogue. Where are unresolved challenges and which factors, in addition to capital, will become increasingly important in the future? We want to develop solutions to strengthen the Swiss financial system in the long term and protect the environment at the same time.