The reason for Impact Finance Forum

Capital is not enough, we need entrepreneurial courage and spirit!

The global financial system is changing and Switzerland plays a leading role in it. With the Impact Finance Forum, NZZ.Connect launches an initiative in 2021 which addresses this change and therefore contributes to strengthening the position of the financial sector as well as laying the foundation for a sustainable future for our next generation. Together with strong stakeholders and through impactful engagement and discussions, we contribute to this vital transformation.

The decade of sustainability

The consideration of investments and their success is more and more influenced by factores such as their direct impact on the environment. Steering financial flows towards responsible activities bears enormous potential to transform and actively shape global markets. An aim of the Forum is to connect financial pioneers with innovative ideas and bring these to the outside.

From niche product to financial trend

With the evolution of todays society’s requests and demands towards the financial industry factores such as sustainable investing are gaining importance. Professional investors are increasingly focusing their investments on sustainability and implementing impact-oriented criteria. We want to encourage this development – be part of it.


This neutral platform serves as an enabler to foster exchange between all stakeholder groups and it differentiates itself through a thoughtfully curated programme and a professional handling. It can further count on the support and expertiese of its Advisory Board members and the NZZ media team.

  • The platform provides inspiring input from national and international speakers on the topic of sustainable finance and impact investing.
  • The platform is characterised by cross-sectoral topics and insights, which are illuminated and discussed by opinion leaders from various financial sectors.
  • The platform serves to raise the overall understanding of the partners and thus contributes to the agenda-setting of the financial market.
  • The platform encourages the public discussion of mentioned topics.
  • The platform connects relevant players of the Swiss financial market with decision-makers from politics, the authorities, academia and business.